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Bubnovka cultural and entertainment center

Bubnovka cultural and entertainment center

The Bubnovka cultural and entertainment center invites you to take a time-out to relax and recharge in a picturesque place on the bank of the Ptich River in Oktyabrsky District.

The center offers a number of recreational programs.

Corporate clients

We offer a unique opportunity to unwind in a circle of co-workers and close friends. A seamless blend of nature and comfort, Bubnovka is the perfect setting for business, sports, entertainment and team building events where you will be able to get to know each other from a new, sometimes unexpected side.

We host:

- corporate events

- celebrations

- sports events

- conferences

- seminars

- banquets

Family celebrations:

• birthdays, anniversaries, weddings

• children's parties and matinees

Individual tourists

We offer guest houses that can sleep 2, 3, 4 people:

Green Meadow

Sun Valley

Lilac Paradise

Forest Fairy Tale

Pink Dreams

Tourist groups

Dormitory blocks (10 persons in a room);

Comfortable heated rooms with amenities:

- single rooms,

- family rooms (double bed),

- suite (for 2-4 persons)

Outdoor recreation and educational leisure:

- Museums: the History and Culture Center, an art gallery, the Museum of Myths and Superstitions;

- tours through picturesque places of Oktyabrsky District and places of worship: Proshcha Forest, the Orthodox Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God;

- Green Routes: picking mushrooms, berries, medicinal herbs;

- ecological trails in protected areas;

- the zoo;

- cycling routes through picturesque and memorable places;

- sports grounds (football, volleyball);

- Russian wood-fired sauna, infrared sauna;

- beach on the Ptich River;

- boat, bicycle, sporting equipment rentals;

- campfire, picnic sites;

- barbecue;

- locally produced food products;

- kitchen (vacationers have the opportunity to cook their own food);

- hot shower;

- tent camp sites;

- car parking.

The Bubnovka center runs the Grandfather Frost’s Estate during Christmas and New Year holidays and offers theatrical programs featuring the characters of famous fairy tales that enjoy great popularity.

Address: Village of Bubnovka, Oktyabrsky District, Gomel Region, 247313

Director: Tatyana Sukhaya

For more information, please contact us at:

+375 29168 14 00,

+37529 844 13 72.